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DirectoryInfo类_互动百科 DirectoryInfo类-简介在.net开发中主要用于创建、移动和枚举目录和子目录的实例方法,此类不能被继承。IT名词从事.net软件开发的同事对DirectoryInfo类应该都很熟悉,在开发过 棒冰棍手工制作

DirectoryInfo.GetFiles Method (String, SearchOption) (System.IO) are working with many files and directories, EnumerateFiles can be more efficient. If there are no files in the DirectoryInfo, this method returns an empty array. 天天爱消除焰尾满级

DirectoryInfo Class (System.IO) - MSDN - Microsoft Name, Description. System_CAPS_pubmethod, DirectoryInfo(String). Initializes a new instance of the DirectoryInfo class on the specified path. 96hdchengren

DirectoryInfo.GetFiles Method (System.IO) - MSDN - Microsoft Returns a file list from the current directory matching the given search pattern and using a value to determine whether to search subdirectories.


DirectoryInfo 类 公开用于创建、移动和枚举目录和子目录的实例方法。 此类不能被继承。System.IO . DirectoryInfo 程序集:   mscorlib (在mscorlib.dll 中) SerializableAttribute _

DirectoryInfo类和Directory类的区别和相同点:-Shell-电脑编程网 using System.IO; namespace ConsoleApplication2 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { //DirectoryInfo类实例 DirectoryInfo dinfo = new DirectoryInfo("C:\\"); FileInfo[]